Garment Machinery and Fitting Company – Providing Quality Sewing Machines and Textile Fittings For Clothing Manufacturers and Homeowners

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The Garment Machinery and Fitting Company, located in New England, offers a full range of garment care products including but not limited to, dry cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal, fabric preservation, garment stretching, seam stretching, customized garments fitting, and sewing. “New England’s #1 full service commercial laundry provider.” they say on their web site.

Garment Machinery and Fitting Company was started in 1977 by Richard Gerspach and Frank J. Garment. Originally the company manufactured sewing machines, but today all of their products are focused on garment care and industrial washing and drying. They pride themselves in using state of the art technology, like handheld fabric scanners that will enable them to easily read garment material. Their high tech machinery is designed to quickly and accurately analyze fabrics to determine its color, texture, and size. The company now employs over 400 people in New England, as well as factories in Ohio, Maine, Massachusetts, Canada, Japan, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Mexico, and Taiwan.

The Garment Machinery and Fitting Company is a one family owned business. While many small home based textile companies have been swallowed up by bigger corporations, the Garment Machinery and Fitting Company has remained true to its commitment to customer service and making sure each customer is treated fairly and with courtesy. One thing that has made this Company famous among both small and large business owners is the love of sewing and quality that the people in the company possess. Many of the Garment Machinery and Fitting customers have become repeat customers because of the good customer service they receive. Another thing that has helped this company remain strong and at the top of their game is that they purchase all of their garment machinery and fittings from American manufacturers, who take pride in producing quality equipment that is safe, reliable, and environmentally sound.

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