Importance of Garment Machinery and Accessories

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Garment Machinery Co is located at Needham, MA, United States and it is a part of the Wholesale Industries sector. Garment Machinery Co manufactures and sells clothing. It also sells shoes, coats and apparels and a variety of other items. The company was started in 1986 by Mr. Richard L. Garment and his son David. Garment Machinery Co. has 10 full-time employees across the U.S and produces $2.7 million annually (USD) in sales.

Garment is a manufacturer of clothes, footwear, apparels, accessories and electronic and electrical products. It has three factories in the state of Massachusetts and two factories located in the city of Hudson, New York and one in Suffield, Connecticut. The entire manufacturing unit produces shirts, pants, jackets, dresses, skirts and pants for men, women, children and babies.

Garment Machinery Co manufactures and sells both types of garments such as tops, bottoms, jackets, skirts, shirts and pants. Earlier it manufactured garments and accessories such as bed sheets, towels and blankets and was one of the leading manufacturers of woolens in the country. It was involved in the production of woolens, clothing and blankets, leather goods and machine and light fabric goods. The business dealing portion of this manufacturer is huge and it manufactures different types of apparels. Garment has several manufacturing plants in the state of Gujarat.

It was a clothing manufacturer and retailer of women’s apparels. It started off as a factory which manufactured trousers, jackets, sweaters, dresses and blouses for men. The name of the factory was changed to Garment Machineries and Accessories and later on to Garment Pvt Ltd after it began to focus more on manufacturing of garments and accessories. The clothes manufactured by this company were famous all over the country and were popular among the elite class. When it was established as a private limited company, it started with two manufacturing plants in Mumbai and one in West Bengal, India.

The Indian Punjabi newspaper, ‘Todays Punjab’ published advertisements of Garment Machineries and Accessories. Later on, the company shifted its manufacturing base from Mumbai to Ludhiana, Punjab. The main focus of this manufacturer was to produce high quality knitwear, pants, jackets, socks and blankets from quality fabrics using advanced machinery. Apart from clothing, it also makes jewellery, footwear, handbags and knitwear.

The main factories located in Ludhiana, Punjab are Birla Group of Products Limited (BSLP), Bicarbonate Industries Limited (BBCL) and Bharat Electronics Limited (BNL). These three companies make almost all kinds of garments in bulk and retail them online. They have tie ups with various other companies like Kloro, Blue Cross, Unitech, Tailax, Globus and others to manufacture and sell their products. Recently, the famous clothing brand H&M was in partnership with Bicarbonate Industries Limited to produce their range of maternity wear. Garment Machinery and Accessories were incorporated in 2005 when Garment Pvt Ltd was formed by merging the two companies. Since then, they have been making a lot of profit from selling woolen clothes made from high quality wool from Ludhiana and spun-cotton from Punjab.

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